Arenig Fawr Fell Race

Arenig Fawr fell race
Next race: Sunday 6 August 2017 at 13:00. Entry fee: £4

Registration and car park near disused Arenig Quarry: SH 830393 

Route details

Race statistics: Distance 13km, climb 1000m, (8 miles, 3300ft); Category AM

A tough race requiring navigational skills particularly in poor visibility. A reconnaissance is recommended. The route is flagged from the start to the foot of the gully (1.3km) and from CP6 to the finish (0.5km). The flagged sections are compulsory. The rest of the route is unmarked and offers the possibility of route choices.

The race starts and finishes at the disused Arenig quarry, elevation 350m. The route follows an uphill quarry track for 1200m to a height of 470m. It then crosses a stone wall and climbs up a steep gully and emerges onto a grassy hillside. The gully can be avoided by skirting round the crags to the right, see figure 1 and map.

CP1: SH 837 383, elevation 697m, is a cairn by a pond above the Simdde Ddu crags. This is the same as CP1 in the original race.

CP2: SH 828 360, top of 712m knoll on the S ridge.

CP3: SH 808 352, summit of Moel Llyfnant, 751m.

CP4: SH 827 369, the trig pillar on Arenig Fawr, 854m

CP5: SH 827 376, cairn on the W ridge, elevation 790m. Runners must not attempt to follow a straight line route between CP5 and CP6 as the north side of the west ridge is rocky and dangerous.

CP6: SH 828 387, a small knoll, 455m. From there the route is flagged to the finish.

NOTE: Runners who arrive at CP2 after one hour and ten minutes (1:10) from the start of the race will be instructed to proceed to CP4 and so do a short version of the race.

The map shows the checkpoints and an ‘optimum’ route between them. Runners must have their own map for the race and be able to navigate.

There are a few, easy to cross fences, take care.

Equipment and emergency food are mandatory as outlined in the WFRA website

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