Hilbre Island Run

Final briefing for the Hilbre Island Run – Thursday 14th July 

Run timings are governed by both the low tide (7.00pm) and when Marigold’s Chip Shop closes (8pm).

So, we need to start running from West Kirby at 6.15 pm. Please aim to arrive in plenty of time.

West Kirby public toilets close at 5pm but in the past runners have used Morrison’s facilities. Also, during our previous visits we’ve been able to use the “environmentally friendly” toilets on the island. (They have doors and something to aim at, but not much else!)

All three running groups will regroup on the island at about 6.50.

The non-swimmers may head straight back using our outward route via the Little Eye.

Swimmers normally access the sea via a rocky descent next to the old Lifeboat Station. (Please take care!)

After a quick swim, we’ll leave the island at around 7.10 to retrace the 2 mile run back to West Kirby for about 7.30pm. We should be in Marigold’s chip shop in Banks Road by 7.40. NB Cash only!

Please pre-order via Claudia – Facebook, PM or email.

Arrangements have been made to eat our fish and chips in the nearby Sandlea Park – opposite the side of Morrison’s in Dee Lane. There is a large grassy area which surrounds the round-shaped wild flower bed, accessed from the gate leading from Grange Road/Meols Drive. There are few benches so you may wish to bring a plastic bag (or something else) to sit on.

So in summary, this event involves:

  • Running out to Hilbre Island at low tide. (Choice of distances (5, 3 or 2 miles)
  • An optional swim
  • Running back to West Kirby – everyone on the same route (2 miles)
  • Optional Fish and Chips from Marigold’s

Your choices are:

a) Running out to the island and back,

b) Run/swim/run,

c) Run/run/chips,

d) Run/swim/run/chips.

e) Just the chips (no run/no swim)

Route 1 – The “2 miles out/2 miles back” route starts from the assembly point and goes directly to the Little Eye then via Middle Eye to the big island. This may be suitable for families of Pensby Runners but all children must be strictly supervised at all times. The club cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

Route 2 – The “3 miles out/2 miles back” route starts from the assembly point to do one anticlockwise lap of the Marine Lake before following Route 1.

Route 3 – The “5 miles out/2 miles back” group heads out via Victoria Road and the Wirral Way at Ashton Park.

Here is route 3:


So we know that everyone has returned safely, there will be a registration point so runners can be logged out and back in again. Nigel Pratten has kindly agreed to act as registrar.

Please ensure you log out and back in again.

If you wish your name to be added to the safety register, please let Ian Chalmers know.

Here is a diagram of the recommended safe route to/from the main island for all three distances via The Little Eye, avoiding mud/quicksand:

We will be meeting at point number 1 on the diagram, next to the RNLI Lifeguard’s white caravan in the sailing school car park. (Map ref 209867) Look out for the Seaside Run Flag.

Please allow plenty of time to get to the start as car parking will be challenging. The Municipal car park next to Morrison’s is currently closed. Also the promenade has major construction work going on, so parking is suspended.

Places you may park are:

Concourse car park (£1 up until 6.30 then free thereafter CARD OR PHONE payments only). There is a 500 metre walk to the start.

Street parking, if you are very lucky

Morrison’s car park (restricted to 2 hours and customers only)

Sailing School car park if you are a member (some Pensby Runners are)

We will be leaving the assembly point promptly at 6.15. However, there is an option to run the “5 miles out” route at a slower pace with Gordon leading, but this leaves at 6pm.

If swimming, there is clean sand underfoot and the beach shelves gently, but please watch out for submerged rocks. Please ensure you are a competent swimmer, used to open sea swimming. (Men normally swim in their running shorts; women in top/shorts or run with a swimsuit already in place). After this week’s high daytime temperatures, the water should be comfortable.

We dry off quickly on the run back.

You may wish to take a small bag for

  • mobile phone
  • money for chips – CASH only!
  • your watch whilst swimming
  • a towel

Run leaders for the outward legs only are:

5 miles out (at 8 minute mile pace – John Suckley

5 miles out (at 9.5 minute mile pace) – Gordon, leaving at 6pm

3 miles out (vacant)

2 miles out (at a gentle jog pace) – Ian Chalmers


Event Details