Trail Relay Delamere Forest

On Saturday 22nd September we have the opportunity to take part in a trail relay in Delamere Forest. More details to follow but …….

There are four races : two are for individuals, two for pairs, so a team to complete all four races will be 6. However it’s ok for runners to take part in more than one race.
Leg 1 – single runner, 5K – set course
Leg 2 – pairs, 8K – set course
Leg 3- pairs, 9K – route choice
Leg – single, 5K – set course
Cost = £2.50 per runner
The third race is between numbered marker posts in Delamere with no set route. Posts are 7, 10, 27, 47, 53 and 58. (some recces may well be in order)
Completion of this route will be validated by a marshal with a marker or stamp at each marker post.
Each club is allowed a gazebo.
Race HQ is dragonfly car park near Delamere visitor centre

Event Details